Great quotes from classic "Truth Seekers."

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Twilight Of Religion

You can obtain a copy of this book, Destiny of Israel and the Twilight of Christianity, by John Saggio, to load on your Kindle from For $1.99, you will receive a copy of the book that includes the Table of Contents, 28 chapters, the bibliography, the appendices, and the reference index. The page numbers are (a) listed after each heading in the Table of Contents, (b) listed after each reference in the reference section at the end of the book, and (c) inserted in parentheses at the beginning of each page. This enables the reader to use Kindle’s search feature to locate a specific page. For example, if you want to access a particular verse that the reference section says is on page 34, bring up Kindle’s search feature and input “(page 34).” If you have any questions regarding this purchase, contact the author, John Saggio, at the email address at the bottom of this page. "

Title: The Destiny of Israel and the Twilight of Christianity: In Quest of the Meaning and Significance of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures
Author: John Saggio
Size: Hard cover 1,184 pages

The author's definition of "RELIGION," according to the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, is worship through the elements of the world-order:

EARTH: tabernacles, altars, temples, arks, sacred scrolls
FIRE: burnt offerings and other fire sacrifices
WATER: drink offerings, water cleansings (baptisms)
AIR: scent offerings rising through the air to the metaphorical nostrils of Yahweh

Thus, "RELIGION" is worship through ceremonies, rites, rituals, holy days, holy festivals, holy convocations, holy articles or relics, and sacraments.

Front Cover
Christianity is obsolete . . .
Judaism is obsolete . . .
Islam is obsolete . . .
All Eastern religions are obsolete . . .
The world is one . . .
Humanity is one . . .
God is one . . .
God’s Kingdom is one . . .

All citizens of the Global Village are citizens in the one Kingdom of God. The God of Christianity is a distortion of the God of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. The Jesus of Christianity is a distortion of the Greek Scriptures. The Yahweh of Judaism is no longer the covenant God of Israel. The Allah of Islam is a fictitious idol created by the mind of man. The Eastern religions have no personal God. The God of creation, the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus is alive and ruling through His only-generated Anointed Son, Jesus the Christ.

to the truth of your origins,
your cosmic citizenship,
and your adult responsibilities.

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John Saggio:
Great quotes from classic "Truth Seekers."