Eric Voegelin (1901-1985)

"When impetuous young men are repelled by the vulgarity of democracy, Plato can point out to them that energy, pride, and will to rule can indeed establish the despotism of a spiritually corrupt elite, but not a just government; and when democrats rave about freedom and equality and forget that government requires spiritual training and intellectual discipline, he can warn them that they are on the way to tyranny."

"One of the important insights gained by philosophers, as well as by the prophets of Israel and by the early Christians, is the movement in reality toward a state beyond its present structure. . . . The great experience and insight of Paul was the movement of reality beyond its present structure of death into the imperishable state that will succeed it through the grace of God . . . the state of aphtarsia or imperishing."

". . . Thomas Aquinas was very much aware of the problem. He knew that if Christ was to be the head of all mankind, He had to be more than the head of the members of a Christian church. Hence, Thomas formulated clearly that Christ indeed was the head of all men from the creation of the world to its end. He was, one might say, a true humanist who knew that Christ had come to every man, not only to Christians, or perhaps only to theologians."